project ongoing, design and build

A prototype for contemporary living in Nairobi, this family house will provide a highly flexible living space that can adapt to accommodate a number of future scenarios. In developing an appropriate approach to construction in a city where skill levels are low and modern building systems are scarce, our workshop allows us to navigate between the often rough and ready on site building methods and our own more crafted interventions.

Occupying a special position between city and forest, the site promotes the house as a refuge within the city, a domestic retreat from the intensity of Nairobi. The juxtaposition of city and forest is mediated by a contemporary extension to the existing 1950s bungalow. A steel frame pokes out towards the forest creating a new living room that frames the view and opens up to make a sheltered outdoor space.

Much of the work is being done with reclaimed materials from the original house and offcuts from our workshop.


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