completed may 2010, designed, managed and full joinery package

The Goethe Institute in Nairobi operates a diverse cultural program ranging from concerts to film screenings, contemporary art exhibitions to seminars. Occupying a great spot in the City Centre, the space needed refurbishing to bring it in line with its current use and prominence. 

Utilising an under used anteroom was the main focus of the brief.
The project seeks to resolve the relationship between the auditorium and the anteroom an a way that facilitates flexibility and optimises space for each of the Goethe’s eclectic functions. 

The authorship is intentionally muted in order to give the artworks a neutral backdrop. A strategy of simple and robust detailing and finishes throughout the space complements more highly crafted and specific pieces where interaction occurs. A series of pivoting screens mediate the flow between the auditorium and the anteroom providing storage, display, a concealed kitchen area and creating an occasional bar space for openings and events.


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