exhibition architecture

A collective exhibition of Kenyan artists brought together by the KUB Arena and curated by Eva Birkenstock.

The architecture of the exhibition introduces spatial relationships between the works. In occupying the gallery space, as opposed to only using the wall space, our intervention begins to explore the liminal spaces that the works inhabit. Moving through the exhibition one occupies both the inside and outside of the structures and experiences a tension of compression and release between the pieces. Formally this draws reference to the inhabited edges of cities that are constantly changing. This is the architecture of temporary structures, stage sets, hoardings around building sites, billboards and informal shelters.
The idea of representing a city of transience suggests an anti-monumentality that is played out in the material and tectonic expression of the structures. There is an honesty in which the raw unfinished timber frames and panels connect with simple butt joints. These are locally available materials that are readily used and adopt a language common to such temporary architectures.

Responding to the artworks presented the constructed space plays off ideas of the ephemeral and transient, the static / dynamic and the contemporary / historical.
Artists: Peterson Kamwathi, James Muriuki, Sam Hopkins & Kevo Stero, Jacob Barua, Massai Mbili, Laura Horelli.


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