Eucalyptus, steel, cast iron, stoneware, glass, cork, bamboo. Launched May 2019.

The ÖVERALLT collection was a collaboration between IKEA and 10 designers from Africa. The designers were brought together by DESIGN INDABA from the fields of fashion, sculpture, architecture and furniture design. Those designers were: Bibi Seck, Issa Diabate, Selly Raby Kane, Renée Rossouw, Sindiso Khumalo, Laduma Ngxokolo, Hend Riad, Mariam Hazem, Naeem Biviji and Bethan Rayner.

Our ideas for the collection took inspiration from everyday Kenyan life, especially the many examples of people gathering to share an evening coffee, drink tea or cook together outdoors. We were interested in ideas around how people come together and the spaces and objects that make that happen.

The choices we make around food have never been more important. Ours is a simple idea to say, ‘let’s celebrate slowing down, cooking together and eating together.’ Sometimes all we need are a few objects to help us to do that.

The pieces have a strong sense of utility about them, are tactile and versatile. The cast iron cooking pot with its skillet lid can be used to cook with in different ways. The table and bench can be set up in the round or as a social snake. Either way, it’s about bringing people together.

Our pieces are made of raw, honest, natural materials. Solid wood will takes knocks and dents well, and the unglazed ceramics and cast iron will take on a patina over time. When we leave our mark on an object, we own it and we are less likely to throw it away.

The pieces shown here are our contribution to the collection, which went on sale worldwide in stores and online May 2019.


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