design development, prototyping, production jigs and overall supervision. completed May 2015

The client commissioned pews for a new build Cathedral in Western Kenya. The design addresses the communal rituals of sitting and kneeling as a congregation for acts of worship. The pew is double sided providing both a separation and connection between the sitter and the kneeler, with a space for hymnals. Functionally, a generous seat and padded kneelers provide some comfort during long services.

Formally the design responds to the way one uses the pews as well as to the form of the building itself.

Cypress was chosen for its sustainability. The timber used for the project has been grown close to the site of the building.

The design development involved a series of drawings, models and prototypes working across scales to address constructional details, the specific ergonomics of the user, and the repetition of 1000 seats within the whole cathedral. A combination of 3-seater & 4-seater units accommodate the radial layout of the pews.


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